Jim's Beach House 1, the 2 Bedroom and Jim's Beach House 2, the 3 Bedroom. Comfortable, Quality, Affordable, Accommodation in, not just near, Byron Bay.

Check out the latest happenings/history in Byron Bay through the local News Paper the Echo.

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Virtual Tour, Beach Art at Byron Bay
Sandy Dinosaur on Byron Bay main beach
A Virtual Castle in the clouds on Byron's Main Beach
Virtual Tour, Virtual Castle in the sky on Main Beach Byron Bay

Explore Byron Bay’s Rich History

Discover the Authenticity of Our Present-Day Beach Houses

Experience our virtual tour to witness the true essence of our beach houses today. Unlike others that showcase outdated images from over 20 years ago, we provide an accurate representation of our accommodations. We value your feedback on our virtual tour and appreciate any suggestions for improvement. While you enjoy your stay at Jim’s Beach Houses in Byron Bay, take a moment to delve into the intriguing history of this remarkable destination. Uncover Fascinating Stories:Unveiling the Malodorous Past: Why Byron Bay was Once Shunned Unearthing the Enigma: The Connection between World War 2, Radioactive Sand Mining, and Hiroshima Family Heritage: Colleen’s Generations in Byron Bay for Over 100 Years and Jim’s Legacy for Over 50 Years Feel free to reach out to us for any historical insights during your visit. We are dedicated to ensuring your stay is exceptional and fostering future enriching experiences. Moreover, if you qualify for a Blue Light Card, your stay will become even more affordable.

Exclusive Delight for First-Time Explorers

For those venturing to Byron Bay for the first time, make sure to inquire about the best route to the lighthouse. Embark on an awe-inspiring journey that will leave an indelible mark. The Adventure Awaits:Traverse the Rainforest, Town Center, and the Illustrious $100,000,000 Beach Hotel Embrace the Magnificence of The Pass, One of Australia’s Premier Surf Breaks Ascend the “Island” Summit, Witness Dolphins, Whales (during the season), and Intriguing Celebrities Immerse in Tropical Rainforest Enroute to the Cliffside Path, Boasting Breathtaking Views 20m Above the Water Descend onto Wategoe’s Beach, a Haven Known for Residences like Elle McPherson and Famous Movie Stars Cross Wategoe’s Beach and Continue Ascending Towards Australia’s Easternmost Point Capture Memorable Selfies (Please Exercise Caution and Avoid Climbing Fences) Conclude the Journey at the Lighthouse, Immortalize the Experience with More Photos, and Begin Your Return Choose your path back, retracing your steps or taking the road, both leading you back to the heart of town.