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Byron Bay Weddings and Accommodation (IN Byron Bay)

Well it’s great to see you have gotten to this page, and it’s about a lot more than just Weddings and Honeymoons.
There are any number of great wedding venues and/or organisers in “Byron Bay” and if you do a Google search something like, wedding venues Byron Bay, you will be confronted with dozens if not hundreds of them.
Sadly plenty of people trade on the name “Byron Bay” and as you will quickly discover, some of these venues are not even in Byron Bay. Some of them provide accommodation, great accommodation, but it is not in Byron Bay.
If you want to have a great wedding, choose an organiser from your own search and research, AND if you want to have great accommodation at a reasonable price, in Byron Bay, 10 minutes walk to the centre of town or to the main beach, then choose Jim’s Beach House’s, 3 Bedrooms or 2 Bedrooms for your accommodation.

If you have visited our site previously you might be aware that this page has only recently been added.
Why? Because some of the people who have stayed with us previously were attending Weddings outside of Byron Bay and they made the point to us that some of their mates were paying significantly more for their accommodation and were having to get Taxi’s/Uber’s to get from their accommodation into Byron Bay.

If you would like to stay with us, in Byron Bay, click on the picture to the left and make your booking through Destination Byron Bay (to save on Booking Fees) or Airbnb.
We look forward to seeing you soon. (in Byron Bay)

If you would like to book either or both of Jim’s Beach House’s for the same time for your guests, check their availability below and perhaps ring Destination Byron Bay on +61 2 6680 7733 and save on two lots of booking fees.
Click here to view Jim’s Beach house 1, 2 Bedroom availability on Airbnb

Click here to view Jim’s Beach House 2, 3 Bedroom availability on Airbnb